“From top of the mountain to bottom of the barrel”..that is how 9th grade feels.

Talk about a BIG  transition: The stakes are higher – colleges are watching – big dangers lurking in peer pressure and all types of tempting situations – our brains tell us to take risks and our parents tell us ‘DON’T DO IT!’

It’s time to exercise the character muscle we built up in middle school. What do we think is right and wrong? What are ‘my’ values? How to say NO without alienating myself socially?

The objectives for A Place for Greatness in 9th grade focus on building our identity: “Who do I want to be on this new stage called high school?”

The activities for A Place for Greatness 9th graders focus on:

  • Personal Growth: Awareness of surroundings, the roles we play in life and the impact we can have.
  • Communications: Navigating the ebbs and flows of relationships, fresh starts, speaking up, walking in another’s shoes.
  • Cooperation with others: The elephant in the room called “Bias” in action and how to acknowledge its presence while overcoming its limitations.
  • Community building: Who are the “Others?” I know they exist but they are not in my school – bridging the gap, whichever it may be, by seeing everyone as individuals, rather than members of one group or another.