“I’m terrific with lots of talent and pretty good grades. So why don’t employers see that?”

You would think that finding a job, whether it be for the summer, part-time or freshly out of college, would be a piece of cake.  

The reality is that you don’t get a job just like that.  To get your dream job you need to discover your skills, objectives and your potential and know how to market your talent. We focus on YOU, help you identify and reinforce your strengths, understand and overcome your weaknesses and determine your aspirations.  Through resumes, motivational letters, interviews and networking we help you develop these key marketing tools that will get you your dream job! It’s all about planting skills, growing potential.

The activities in this age group will look to achieve outcomes including:

  • Personal Growth: Self knowledge sounds easier than it is. It’s difficult to make good decisions about your career.  Learning and embracing your likes and dislikes, skills, strengths and weaknesses, values, and goals will make it that much easier in your job search!    
  • Communications: How to promote yourself both in written communication (resume and cover letter, social media) as well as oral communication (phone and face-to-face interviews)
  • Cooperation with others: Even if you are wanting to work independently your work will always be interrelated with your co-workers.  Learning how to work with future colleagues and build strong relationships will help you succeed in the workplace.  
  • Community building: By learning how to use your talent and influence you can make a positive impact on your network.