“I never took a juggling class  … and that’s what I needed.”

Everything is urgent: SATs, ACTs, college applications, financial aid, essays, school dances and events, interviews, extra-curricular activities, more SATs, schoolwork…deadlines, deadlines, deadlines.

“So overwhelming – everyone tells me what I need to do but they don’t help me do it.”

These are the years when we get to apply what we’ve learned and to create output from the input in prior years’ programs. “Who am I and what are my values?” That could be your college essay. You have plenty of meaningful Extra-curricular activities because you learned in 9th grade to care about my community and to make a difference. Stress management techniques are fundamental to a student’s well being during this time – whether it’s exercise, meditation, hanging out with friends, these tools need to be reinforced.

The objectives for A Place for Greatness in 10th -12th grade focus on time and stress management.

The activities in this age group will look to achieve outcomes including:

  • Personal Growth: Making difficult decisions with my time and holding themselves accountable.
  • Communications: Courage and humility to ask questions on topics about which they know nothing. Listening to adults who want to help.
  • Cooperation with others: Reaching out for help and providing it when being asked. Learning from each other’s mistakes.
  • Community building: Activating possible mentors  – reaching out beyond your comfort zone.