Kay and Lia met and live in Miami and share a common concern and interest in young people’s preparation for life’s many challenges.


Kay McCracken

Throughout her professional career, Kay’s work has focused on mentoring, motivating and accompanying individuals to improve their well-being both in a professional and personal context.

As a recruitment consultant and certified professional coach, Kay is bilingual in French and English.  She has worked internationally with individuals and companies within the private and non-governmental sectors.  In the last ten years, she has brought her experience back to the academic world by facilitating various classes on professional and personal development. She has also led team-building and communication workshops for schools, youth centers and corporations.

As a result of working with different audiences, she has come to realize that no matter the age, culture or socio-economic background, her clients ability to reach their desired outcome is frequently hindered by the lack of soft skills and self-direction. A Place for Greatness teaches a curriculum designed to fill this gap so they can lead a more powerful and fulfilling life – whatever that may be.


msp1809140021.jpgLia Yaffar

Lia’s education and 25-year career focused in finance, but her passion has always included both people and numbers. As a business consultant, Lia is driven by her commitment to help solve problems.  She is persistent in finding the best solution by analyzing and understanding their origin, designing a strategy to address them, and executing the solution. In her role as manager, Lia has mentored many to perform at work by being better prepared for life’s challenges, to learn from mistakes, and to become more resilient –  the genesis of a Place for Greatness.
Lia received a Bachelor in Business Administration degree from the University of Miami and a MBA from George Washington University. She is the founder and Chief Solutions Officer at Y-Value Added Solutions, a collaborative business consulting practice. She serves as Director at the Salvadoran American Humanitarian Foundation and the Bakehouse Art Complex. She is a native speaker/writer in English and Spanish, fluent in French, and has working knowledge of Portuguese.