What do Warren Buffet and Bill Gates have in common?

The story goes that when Warren Buffet and Bill Gates first met, Gates’ father asked each of them to name their most important trait. Their answer: curiosity.

Curiosity is defined as an eager desire to learn; it is interest in something, spirit of inquiry, inquisitiveness…you get the picture.

We all have our interests, things that we are curious about, but by using curiosity, we can also help ourselves learn about other topics, ones that can help us with school, friendships, family, and our future careers.

The Curiosity Gap is like Candy


When curiosity is piqued, we act – we see something beautiful and we think about how sweet and yummy it will taste. It’s difficult to say no to candy, or whatever our favorite food may be.

Knowing this, curiosity can be a great motivator because when we want to learn about something, we will take the time to research it. What’s the payoff? Knowledge.


Like candy, curiosity about the wrong things may lead to cavities in our brains, so tread carefully by picking your candy. Social media wants to make that decision for you. You are pushed content like pictures, videos, and news that don’t necessarily add anything to your learning bucket. Warren Buffet and Bill Gates have gotten to where they are by deciding what to be curious about—topics such as science, technology, the environment, business, and people (Buffet loves to read biographies).

Curiosity can also be used against you. People who want to manipulate you to do things you shouldn’t do often use curiosity as a tool to “egg you on”; don’t fall for it!

Take the steering wheel and drive!

michael-mroczek-384808-unsplash.jpgDecide what you want to be curious about and learn, every day, many times per day. Use all the tools available to you: the web, books, old magazines, people, videos, radio, etc. In an information overload society like ours, content is never the problem, it’s having the discipline to decide which candy you want to consume and which is best left in the wrapper!

What are you going to be curious about today?

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